• The Sensational Caviar Trio Taster Set, 3 x 10g


  • The sensational caviar taster trio set contains three of the most exclusive caviars available.
  •  Royal beluga is the king of caviar and has a steely blue appearance with an exceptionally deep, rich and buttery taste. 
  • Golden almas is the most sought after caviar in the world due to its extreme rarity. 
  • Only one in 6,000 sturgeons carry the amazingly golden yellow albino eggs, making almas the most highly prized by caviar lovers. 
  • Finally, our Imperial Caviar is one of the highest quality caviars we supply. 
  • It is rich in flavour and will be a very memorable mouthful. 
  • This set comes with a beautiful mother of pearl spoon to serve the caviar with and will make a fantastic gift for someone who likes the finer things in life.

Shipping:  Will be delivered to any location in India within 2-3 working days. 

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The Sensational Caviar Trio Taster Set, 3 x 10g

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