Description: In the midst of several hectares of land on the banks of the Dordogne near Bordeaux, the Prunier factory produces its caviar with its unique expertise in a fully controlled environment.

Our experts select the best sturgeon, Acipenser Baeri, originating from Siberia which can reach up to 3 metres long and can weigh several hundred kilos. This sturgeon grows particularly well in captivity and produces its caviar after 8 years. From the spawning period to when they grow into small fish, our experts take constant care of our sturgeon kept in natural water from the Isle river, a tributary of the Dordogne. As soon as the caviar master estimates the ideal fishing date, he uses salting technique developed over 86 years ago, to obtain exceptional caviar.

Caviar House & Prunier guarantees a constant quality of caviar by managing every step of the production process, from fishing the sturgeon to tasting the caviar.

Species: Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser Baeri)

Type: Farmed

Origin: France

Grains: small to medium

Colour: Dark grey

Preservation: Keep chilled -2°C to 2°C

Conditionning: 30g

Taste: woody and light flavours, with aromas of hazelnut.

Ingredients: sturgeon roe, salt, preservative E284

Origin: Europe 

Preservation: 3 months in the refrigerator prior to opening. – 48 hours after opening

An exceptional dish, caviar is best served with a mother-of-pearl or horn spoon. It can be served with warm toast, blinis, or ideally eat it plain to fully appreciate its flavour. Taste it in small amounts, leaving the grains to burst on your palate... its delicate aroma will then be released Remove the tin from the refrigerator at the last minute and serve it on a bed of crushed ice! 

Allow 30 to 50g per person or 15g as an appetizer (en-K de caviar®)

Delivery Details: Will be delivered to any location in India within a time frame of 2-3 working days.

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Prunier Caviar (30gms)

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